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I'm a Designer. Creative Director. Composer of ideas.
Someone who knows how to think. How to use emotion and information to create compelling experiences. How to make the complex simple. How to make the every day interesting. I make things happen. Good things.

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Some Things I've Done

  • C.W. Buzzbee logo
  • Honey Bottle
  • All size honey bottles
  • I love Bees Poster

Sticky Sweet.

A premium Texas Honey supplier needed a way to modernize and differentiate themselves from the competition. We jumped in and helped by developing a memorable new name and logo that was fun but still has a real Texas feel. 100% recyclable packaging that reinforces their historical roots and sets them apart from the typical grocery store plastic bear. And a new website with an online store that helps spread their delicious honey and other wares.

  • CAS screens
    Branding and Identity
  • CAS menu example
    Access to over 300 documents in 3 clicks or less
  • CAS info pages
  • CAS quick navigation
  • CAS online calculator
    Nifty web app cfm calculator tool

Compressed Air Systems

A website and web app designed to improve efficiency and put product and technical information in the hands of engineers and customers. Includes easy access to comprehensive information on over 100 different products. Manuals, parts guides and specification sheets are never more than 3 clicks away. The product information page provides access to over 300 downloads in 2 clicks. As part of the redesign, I also developed an on-line interactive CFM calculator that provides instant feedback to customers showing how to properly size equipment.

  • QuickBites Sign In/Up
    Logo and icon design
  • Quick Bites Sign In/Up
    At, then on, your fingers
  • QuickBites Feeling Hungry
    Hungry? Feel like eating...
  • QuickBites Order info
    Order something good...
  • QuickBites Parking Sign
    Grab it and go

Quick Bites

Order food to go when you are on the go. I worked with a software development shop on the design and UI of a food app. Designed for both independent and franchise resturants, Quick Bites lets users order meals that will be picked up at the location. Pencil layouts, to wireframes, prototyping, in-store web interface and parking lot signs, everything they needed was created fast and fresh.

  • Birhtday ad
  • Good Lawyers
  • ambit verizon billboard
  • Grady's Eat Well
  • Grady's Eat Well Too
  • Ozark Air Fly farther, faster
  • Kitchen Cabinets Outside the box
  • Kitchen Cabinets Better Banking

Some Advertising

From online banners to print. From email to B2B, its all about delivering an idea in a method that matters. Make it compelling, interesting and enduring. Good ads cut through the clutter, deliver relevant information and hopefully drive action that leads to results. Simple and direct is always the best way in my opinion. Here a examples.

  •  AmbitApp Home
    Sales app puts content where it needs to be. In front of customers.
  • Share Information
  • Manage your business
    Allows access to information from any locations
  • Share the opportunity
  • How this thing works


Developed for Ambit Consultants as a mobile recruitment and management tool. This app includes marketing, training and business building content as well as links to live private and public websites. Built with Adobe DPS, it seamlessly integrates existing materials with new marketing tools and videos I developed. The entire project was completed within eight weeks, from initial concept to launch.

Unfortunately, it's a paid DRM app that is only available directly from the company, not through iTunes or Google Play. If you want to see it live call me.

  • design Studies
    Initial design study
  • Watchguard home screen
    Finished product
  • Watchguard camera
  • Watchguard camera in a car
    Mounted in patrol vehicle

Watchguard 4RE

Watchguard is leading provider of law enforcement cameras in the U.S. I worked with their team on the design and UI/UX of their latest camera system. My involvement was primarily on the design of UI graphics and iconography, but I also consulted and worked on everything from the touchscreen inputs to the shape, look and feel of the camera and buttons.

These images show the progression from the initial comp to the the finished product in a patrol car.

  • Nasopure bottle and package
  • Original Nasopure bottle
    Before sprongdesign
  • Nasopure website
  • Nasopure ad 1
  • Nasopure ad 2
  • Nasopure ad 3


Working with my good friend Scott Simmons, we designed everything for Nasopure (except the kitchen sink it hopefully drains into). We worked with injection molding companies on the thickness and shape of the bottle, plastics manufacturers on the packaging, and retailers on the physical size of the finished product to maximize shelf space. Of, course we also developed the logo, branding, website, how-to videos and advertising campaign.

  • Ambit kit box
  • open box
  • kit brochure
  • business presentation

Ambit Consultant Starter Kit

Designed to work in concert with the AmbitApp, this starter kit provides new Consultants with the tools to be successful. The previous kit was a box of "stuff" that was too complicated and cumbersome to be effective.

I completely rethought the onboarding process and redesigned the content. The new kit reduces the presentation to 10 slides from 72 and simplified the training tool. I also included a stack of personalized business cards. The new design improved efficiency and cut the cost of production and shipping by 70%.

Sometimes less is more.

  • Knight Compressors
  • Chemical Lime logo
    Captured in the wild on the way to soccer practice.
  • Care Inn logo
  • Cunningham Lindsey logotype
  • =

Logos & Branding

Bugs. Marks. Badges. Labels. Emblems. Whatever you want to call them, they’re the little things nested in the corner of your ad or crawling across your screen. And they’re carrying the weight of your whole brand. Yes, I've done a few. A few hundred. These are a some of my favorites. There are plenty more. Let me know if you'd like to see them.

I always say a good logo has to work in black and white. And on a train.

Things I do

I am an independent collaborative creative based east of Dallas, Texas. I work with a diverse range of individuals, companies, brands and partners across multiple platforms, specializing in brand identity, creative direction and digital design.

  • Typical projects and assignments include:
  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Idenity packages
  • Print advertising
  • Annual Reports
  • Videos
  • Broadcast media
  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • email campaigns
  • Posters
  • Illustration
  • Sales support materials
  • Brochures

Things I don't

  • Know how to whistle
  • Do business cards
  • Use "random" quotation marks
  • Suffer fools
  • Wash whites and colors together
  • Cope well in the dark
  • Take enough long walks
  • Wear speedos at the beach
  • Stretch after exercising
  • Dance
  • Visit enough galleries
  • Supersize it
  • Have enough legroom
  • Eat pickles
  • Understand how or why pork gets pulled
  • Need a receipt
  • Fall gracefully
  • Pass on a good cup of coffee
  • Split the check
  • Climb tall ladders
  • Put knives in toasters
  • Smoke
  • Ride roller coasters
  • Trust snakes, dead or alive

Some Things About Me


I'm Michael Sprong - yes it's a funny name. Sprong. Not spring, sprang or sprung, but Sprong with an O. As in, "Oh, that's nice work."


I'm a creative director who takes a direct, bold approach to solving problems. I develop content for a variety of applications including identity systems, promotional materials, digital content and campaigns, packaging and publication design.

My work has received numerous awards from local, national, and international design and advertising organizations and publications, including the Dallas Advertising League, the D.S.V.C, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, the New York Art Directors Club, Graphis, and the A.I.G.A.


You need creative solutions to your communication problems. Over the years, I've learned those answers are usually found at the short end of a pencil. No make-believe processes to imply I reinvented the wheel. No cutting-edge think-tanks and bogus work-flow diagrams. No top secret, proprietary "design methods" I promise to share when you sign up for some virtual magazine. Just me, a pencil, paper, and hard work. Why? Because I think that is still the best way to develop great ideas. It's one of the few things about the creative industry that hasn't changed in my 20+ years. The other? When you hire sprongdesign, you still get sprongdesign.

I'm ready to get to work

Let's talk about how we can do good things together.

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Or give me a call at the shop: 972.742.9692